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Amazon number 2 in UK for online grocery, Getir leads Q-Commerce

Posted by Paul on Feb 28, 2022 7:47:50 AM
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CheckoutSmart create groundbreaking online grocery shopping tracking service for FMCG brands & retailers in the UK

Today CheckoutSmart launched its online grocery shopping usage tracker as part of its SmartResearch services. Using feedback from thousands of grocery shoppers each month, CheckoutSmart will track the usage of the online grocery supermarkets, Amazon grocery, Food Aggregators and Q-Commerce all in one place.

This will allow brands & retailers to:

  • Track the scale and trends of each grocery delivery sub-sector and the players within them. 
  • Make decisions about their investments and the relative importance of each player
  • Use the data to engage with their businesses in discussions about the prioritisation of channels and the resources required.

Following the first survey in January, CheckoutSmart will track usage monthly to give a comprehensive single-source report on usage and trends as well the opportunity for subscribing clients to ask their own questions. 

UK Online grocery household penetration Jan 2022

From the January 2022 survey we know:

  • Tesco (51% of households) leads online grocery penetration with Amazon (41%) second ahead of ASDA (40%) and Sainsburys (35%).
  • Amazon’s monthly penetration for any category is 74% of shoppers
  • Of recent Amazon shoppers Subscribe and Save (23%) and Prime (15%) are the top ways to get their groceries
  • Q-Commerce has a low overall penetration at just under 9%.
    • Getir leads the players at 4.3% with Gorillas half the size at 2.1%
  • Amongst Delivery Aggregators, Just Eat has the highest penetration (40%), followed by Uber Eats (38%) and then Deliveroo further behind at 27%.

Going forward each month CheckoutSmart will produce a consistent, comparative measure as well as clear trends of winners and losers. Each survey, including bespoke questions, will be available within 7 days of launch. Nearly 400 Q-Commerce users are available for more in-depth study if required.

The full report of the January survey is available from CheckoutSmart for potential clients at no cost. On-going subscriptions to the full results including 2 closed questions of their choice per month is only £1,495 for a rolling contract or only £14,950 for 12 months.

See our latest Blog post including data on February 2022


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