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Digital shelf analytics suppliers compared - June '21 Update

Posted by Paul on Jun 2, 2021 7:45:00 AM
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In March we released our first list of Digital Shelf Analytics providers. Since then we've had lots of contact from and conversations with more providers, so we thought it best to update our list.

We've added five new providers below: Convert Group, DataGram, DataWeave, Detail Online, and Syndigo. We've also added Import.IO for those who want to go for themselves as they provide the base technology that some of the DSA companies use.

If you are a Digital Shelf Analytics provider who covers multiple supermarkets in multiple countries and isn't represented below, then feel free to get in touch to be included in our next update. 

In the future, we plan to contact providers directly to get more information on their offerings. If you wish to be the representative for your firm then please fill in your details here: Sign up to represent your company

As a leading digital shopper marketing agency, we work with hundreds of FMCG clients a year. Through delivering our ratings & reviews solution for brands in grocery supermarkets we have either worked directly with or been privy to reporting on digital shelf from the top suppliers around the world. We are also asked regularly by clients, who do we know or would we recommend working with on grocery digital shelf analytics, monitoring and reporting. 

There is of course no simple answer to who to work with. There has to be a good fit between the supplier and the client. A Tier 1 multi-category, multi-country brand led manufacturer should probably work with a supplier who can satisfy their teams across their priority markets. Likewise, if you only have one category in one country, then a smaller local player may be a perfect fit.

Below are the main grocery digital shelf reporting providers we are aware of and some areas for comparison to help you choose between them, as well as links to their sites for easy reference. 

CheckoutSmart DSA providers May 2021

Please Note: All best endeavours have been used to create this data but no reliance can be placed on this content and we advise all users to check with original sources. All data is from public sources / supplier websites. Suppliers are sorted alphabetically and nothing in this article is to be taken as an endorsement of any supplier.

The list below will be updated on a regular basis. Latest update June 2021


Digital shelf analytics suppliers compared:

In the table below are the main players we are aware of within Europe and North America. The criteria for inclusion are solutions providers working specifically in the grocery digital shelf analytics arena across multiple markets and retailers and must include grocery retailers ie not just Amazon or a single country.


Who are the players?

Perhaps not surprisingly with the relatively advanced state of grocery eCommerce in the UK, three of the providers are from there with another two in Ireland and in Paris.

CheckoutSmart DSA table 1

** Date the group entity was created


How Big are they?

Comparable financial data is difficult to find as many are private entities, therefore we decided to use employee numbers and their locations as indicators of overall business scale. The four biggest have the most employees in the US. 

CheckoutSmart DSA table 2

* Employees based on Linkedin search. Countries ranked by the number of employees based there.


What do they Specialise in?

According to our reading of their websites, these are their Top 4 areas of focus as businesses. Naturally, all cover reporting and monitoring of the items on the digital shelf. Many also support syndication of content such as product information and imagery. All report on ratings & reviews referencing the important role this plays in shopper choice. For more on the importance of ratings & reviews.

CheckoutSmart DSA table 3

CheckoutSmart DSA table 4

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Main website images and links


They say: ChannelAdvisor has been the industry’s most trusted e-commerce solution, helping global brands and retailers solve their marketplaces, digital marketing, direct-to-consumer, first-party retail, drop ship and fulfillment needs — all in a single, centralized platform.

CheckoutSmart digital shelf provider ChannelSight



They say: Build the perfect toolkit to optimise your path to purchase. The eCommerce Intelligence Platform for every product, every journey, every KPI. Mix and match our solutions for compliance, conversion, and intelligence. Know More. Sell More.CheckoutSmart Channel Insight


Convert Group

They say: We enable FMCG & Consumer Healthcare Companies and Retailers to access meaningful and actionable commercial, marketing & eCommerce data, in a seamless, unified way, with our eRetail Suite products:

CheckoutSmart digital shelf provider Convert Group


Data Impact 

They say: Digital shelf accelerator for CPG brands. Grow your sales with the only accurate data analytics platform in the industry. Our solution is global and scalable.

CheckoutSmart digital shelf provide Data Impact



They say: The Datagram eRetail analytics platform combines an infinite amount of data to offer you a 360 ° view of your brands' positions on their growth levers in eCommerce and allow you to make the best strategic decisions in real time. (Google translated from French)

CheckoutSmart digital shelf provider ChannelSight Datagram



They say: Our Digital Shelf Analytics solutions helps you measure and optimize product performance across online channels. Track KPIs like share of search, content audit, availability, promotions and reviews to amplify your online growth.

CheckoutSmart digital shelf provider DataWeave


Detail Online

What they say: Find sales threats in e-commerce and turn them into opportunities. Our technology identifies your lost sales opportunities so you can take action quickly. Through constant, smart monitoring we find out what’s working and what isn’t in your online reseller channels. We deliver our findings to you as actionable insights. Our technology keeps an eye on how your products are displayed, if you are inspiring customers and ensure they are converting.

CheckoutSmart digital shelf provider DetailOnline


Edge by Ascential

They say: Digital commerce, decoded. Combining actionable insight, retail forecasting and advisory to help brands act today and win tomorrow.

CheckoutSmart digital shelf provider Edge by Ascential



They say: e.fundamentals is the leading digital shelf analytics provider for CPG brands looking to analyze, measure and optimize eCommerce performance. We turn complex data from hundreds of retailers into actionable insights that enable eCom teams to take fast actions to drive sales and conversion on the digital shelf.

CheckoutSmart e.fundamentals



They say: eStoreMedia provides consumer product manufacturers with SaaS to maximize e‑commerce sales. It is the only integrated suite of eStore Shelf Analytics, Product Information Management and Al‑based research methodologies. Proven by Fortune 500 Brands

CheckoutSmart digital shelf provider eStoreMedia



They say: Accelerate your eCommerce sales. Profitero is the actionable eCommerce insights platform, powering sales for 4,000 brands, across 600+ retailers, worldwide.

CheckoutSmart digital shelf provide Profitero



They say: Commerce Experience Management for the Digital Shelf. Whether you're selling wholesale, through distributors, on marketplaces, through social commerce, or directly on your own brand sites, Salsify's CommerceXM platform powers the experiences shoppers demand at every stage of the buying journey, everywhere on the digital shelf.

CheckoutSmart digital shelf provider Salsify



They say: Our robust reporting capabilities answer the important questions. Understanding your product performance across retail outlets is critical to growing sales. By tracking performance metrics including competitor pricing, out of stocks, share of digital shelf and more, you can understand how to optimize your product pages. Syndigo helps show where to focus your efforts, with these reports.

CheckoutSmart digital shelf provider Syndigo

New kid on the block

Brand Nudge 

Although not part our main benchmarking, we wanted to give a mention to recent entrant Brand Nudge as one to keep an eye on, based in the UK:

They say: We exist for one reason, to help your brand grow faster online. Our proprietary technology and team have the capability and experience to ensure you know how to navigate and how to win in the complex world of online retailing. The Brand Nudge platform takes the pain out of thousands of store visits every day, and has the broadest range of metrics.

CheckoutSmart digital shelf provide Brand Nudge


Just the Data:


If you feel like accessing the data yourself and building your own bespoke reporting suite, then these guys might be a good source:

They say: Stay competitive by leveraging the world's largest data set. delivers the high quality, timely, and extensive web data you need to outperform competitors and stay on top of dynamic markets.

CheckoutSmart digital shelf provider Import.IO


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