Review Reward Programme (RRP) participation:

Terms & Conditions

The Review Reward Programme (RRP) gives members of CheckoutSmart the opportunity to opt-in to receive more rewards in return for being asked to give honest reviews of the products they claim for.

Membership of the RRP is at the invitation and discretion of CheckoutSmart.

All RRP members must agree to the following set of terms and conditions:

Review Content

  • Members will try RRP products for themselves (or more appropriate family members e.g. babies or pets etc) and leave honest and unbiased reviews about their experiences.
  • We do not expect you to deliver a good rating for all products, please be as unbiased about your experience and how you rate products as possible.
  • The content of your reviews and the ratings you give for products will not affect your future participation in the programme.
  • Please avoid the use of unnecessary elements in your review focusing on the product itself and not on the retailer or the RRP.

Leaving Reviews

  • To participate in the RRP members will need to be able to access the CheckoutSmart app as it will not be possible to leave some reviews via the website (depending on retailer). Please check our device compatibility information below.
  • Members should leave reviews via the CheckoutSmart app and submit to all of the retailer sites available for a product, as it is the product, not the retailer that is being reviewed.
  • We will ask members to leave a review on a retailer site that they didn’t purchase the product from.
  • We might ask members to leave a review for the same product, but in a different pack size (e.g. Heinz ketchup 910g instead of 460g).
  • RRP offers will be targeted to subgroups of members. Therefore, not all members of RRP will see all rewards.

Retailer Login Data:

  • Members will need to enter their retailer login credentials into the “Reviews settings” section of the CheckoutSmart app to be able to leave reviews.
  • This data is only stored on the member’s personal device in an encrypted file, CheckoutSmart does not store or retain any login credential data.

Abuse & Removal:

Anyone found to be abusing membership of the RRP will be removed from the programme.
  • Only one member per household may participate in the programme. Members of RRP within the same household risk all members being removed from the programme.
  • Repeated abuse of RRP membership over time includes members who regularly fail to leave product reviews.
  • The RRP may be altered or terminated at any time.
  • All members of the RRP must be opted-in to receive marketing emails from CheckoutSmart so that we can contact you about the programme. Opting out from marketing emails will result in removal from the programme.
  • We expect members to keep the service confidential, including not posting on social media.
  • A member may remove themselves from the programme at any time by emailing and requesting to be removed.

App Device Compatibility:

  • The most recent version of the CheckoutSmart app (App store 2.3.4, Google Play 2.3.4) needs to be installed in order for the new reviews process to work.
  • For Apple devices, the new process works for all devices that operate iOS software 13.0 or above.
  • For Android devices, the new process should work for most devices that operate Android Pie 9 or above. However, some older or more rare Android devices may encounter technical issues.
  • If you are experiencing technical issues with the new reviews process on your device, please email and include your device information so that we can be of assistance (device, operating software version, and CheckoutSmart app version). 

Guide to leaving a review

  1. Items for you - Only buy and claim products you would consider buying as part of your normal shop and that you plan to use for you or your family.
  2. Length – Please write at least 2 sentences about your experience of the product to help other shoppers make a decision about purchasing.
  3. Be Honest – These reviews are public, so please share your honest unbiased opinions, as if you are telling your friends and family.
  4. Stay on Topic – Focus on the product you bought, there is no need to mention CheckoutSmart, for example.
  5. Do it soon – It is so easy to forget altogether, please do it as soon as you can. If you do forget, you will usually be able to do it later or next time.
  6. Supermarket’s guidelines – Please read these and stay within them or your review might not appear.
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