Case Study

SmartReputation Ratings & Reviews Kellogg’s Coco Pops

To support the shopper’s reappraisal of their reformulated Coco Pops range, Kellogg asked
CheckoutSmart to run a Ratings & Reviews campaign on 2 of their SKUs in ASDA.

What we did...

We created an RRP campaign which sent selected members of our 5,000-strong review group into ASDA to buy the selected  SKUs. They then uploaded their receipt via our app to provide a verified purchase and we then asked them to leave a review on the site. We monitored the site and
reviews created and ensured the guaranteed 30 reviews were delivered, in this case within 2 weeks of starting*. 

Sales up 32%...

Monitoring the results closely the team kept the offer in front of the right subset of our program members. Each day they saw a growing number of genuine unique verified reviews delivered. After confirming we had delivered more than the number of promised reviews Kellogg told us: “Without additional media support and same promotional mechanic every week (ongoing 2 for £4), we saw performance improving week on week since the reviews went live (uplift +32%)”.

*Individual timings and results will vary

CheckoutSmart Kellogg Case Study

Super tasty, light and chocolatey!


"Absolutely LOVE this cereal, it's my fave!! A true family favourite that our whole family enjoys, a must in our household!! So chocolatey, and really light too, so yummy!"

ASDA Shopper


Google Benefit…

In addition to the benefit on, the reviews were also picked up by Google which show when “Kellogg’s Coco Pops” is searched via Google.


CheckoutSmart Kellogg Case Study Google