Case Study

Pepsi Max Sampling & Reviews in Tesco

The Brief…

The Britvic PepsiCo Tesco team tasked CheckoutSmart with delivering 2 important objectives:

1. Driving sampling of 2 Pepsi Max SKUs (600 ml and 600ml Cherry) in Tesco

2. Adding 100% verified purchase consumer reviews onto the site.

To be delivered quickly and to a capped budget.

What we did...

We created a cashback campaign offering free trials of each SKU through our app and website, just in Tesco in-store (CheckoutSmart can cover any retailer online or in-store, with activity starting the same day if needed).

After the free trial / sampling campaign was running we followed up with known members of our Ratings & Reviews Program asking them to leave reviews on the site.

We did this using our unique approach (Pat. Pending) which involves buyers writing their review in our app, which are then posted directly onto multiple retailer sites from their device. Genuine, 100% verified reviews like this can be delivered on any SKU in any online retailer and are “permanently” placed on the retailer sites.

This approach can be used on any online retailer, for example, ASDA, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Waitrose, Ocado, Iceland and more. Reviews can be classic text-based reviews as displayed on retailer sites but we can also create broader UGC such as reviews with images, video reviews and long-form text reviews.

The results...

  • Over 15,000 500ml bottles were sampled in just 7 days
  • An equal split of samples between Pepsi Max 500 & Pepsi Max Cherry 500ml
  • Redemptions had national coverage with a focus on the main grocery shopper
  • 34 genuine reviews delivered on to within 4 weeks of the sampling starting (we guarantee at least 30 new reviews per retailer)*
  • The average shopper rating on moved from 1.0 to 4.4 out of 5.0*

*Individual timings and results will vary

CheckoutSmart PepsiMax case study Dec pack 2022-1

Example reviews…

2 of 34 reviews that were delivered onto