A complete set of mobile & digital solutions to help you succeed with todays grocery shopper.

  • SmartReputation: Actively manage your shopper reputation in all online retailers through online product reviews in all retailers
  • SmartActivation: Create instant shopper action in any retailer, on any sku in the way you want
  • SmartResearch: Start a genuine dialogue with shoppers about your products with fast, flexible research
  • SmartNPD: Launch more successful NPD faster and use immediate feedback to improve your product and marketing mix
  • SmartOn-pack: Excite shoppers with easy to execute, effective virtual on-pack activities
  • SmartCrowd: Upgrade your understanding of the retail execution within all retailers

CheckoutSmart offers you the ability to use the power of the shopper to help you succeed online and in-store

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CheckoutSmart More Effective Investment


Your investment is more effective because the offers are delivered directly to the shopper, driving the behaviour and the personal relationship you want to create with your consumers. Offers can be personalised based on demographics or past shopping behaviour.

CheckoutSmart Freedom & FlexibilityFREEDOM & FLEXIBILITY

We give you the freedom to connect with consumers to fit in with your own brand strategy. We can help you target the right shoppers when you want, with the offer of your choice, across retailers you specify, all within your own agreed budget. You’re in control.

CheckoutSmart Fast ResultsFAST RESULTS

SmartActivation campaigns can be set up and activated within the hour, with detailed analysis of results delivered within two weeks of an activity completing. SmartResearch and SmartNPD are usually turned round in 5 - 10 working days. 

CheckoutSmart ExpertiseEXPERTISE

Our team are all FMCG marketing, sales and category experts. We understand how to create a customised programme of activity that helps brands connect directly with their consumers in the grocery channel, building long-term brand loyalty in a 21st century way.

CheckoutSmart No more paper couponsNO MORE PAPER COUPONS

With our digital solution, there is none of the hassle and slowness of paper coupons. Smart millennial shoppers don’t want to print out pieces of paper at home; instead they expect their interactions to be personalised, fast and digital. That's CheckoutSmart!


We’re already working successfully with over 150 of the UK’s top grocery brands, creating and delivering thousandsof offers for shoppers. Here are just a few of them:
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